Archaeology Links

  • The American Institute of Archaeology (
  • ArchNet: The World Wide Web Virtual Library for Archaeology, developed at the University of Connecticut, is a server that provides access to archaeological resources available on the Internet categorized by region of the world (i.e., North America, Near East) and subject (botanics, ceramics, educational and instructional material, archaeological software). Also includes site tours and site descriptions. The address is
  • The Kentucky Heritage Council’s Web Page features a section on the Kentucky Archaeological Survey. The Survey’s Web Page includes news; upcoming events; information about the four periods of Kentucky prehistory, along with pictures of artifacts and sites; information about on-going projects; and a list of publications. The address is
  • The “Looting Question” Bibliography: Web and Literary Resources on the Archaeological Politics of Private Collecting, Commercial Treasure Hunting, Looting, and “Professional” Archaeology is a comprehensive on-line bibliography providing resources related to the “looting” question. The address is
  • The National Park Service has a home page on the Web, called Links to the Past. Topics include history, archaeology, preservation programs, national parks, and historic places. It features specific and focused information on a variety of topics, using images, photographs, maps, and essays. The address is
  • The William S. Webb Museum of Anthropology web page contains information, images, and activities about Kentucky’s prehistoric and historic past as told through archaeology. The address is (case sensitive).
  • Information about the Ohio Hopewell culture and middle Ohio Valley prehistoric cultures (includes materials for teachers: maps, resource lists, contact information)
  • If you would like to compare Kentucky’s prehistoric rock art (see Rock Art of Kentucky in the Books Section) to rock art from all over the world, visit this web site
  • Here is a great web site for accessing all the latest, breaking news in anthropology from a variety of sources:
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